Posted by: Karlene Conroy | July 8, 2012

Writing News – PBS Program

July 12, 2012 – Guilty Pleasures on PBS. Program will also be available online July 13 – August 12, 2012. See for details.

“Julie Moggan’s new documentary, Guilty Pleasures, arrives from Britain to offer a much closer and more perceptive look at the world of the romance novel by profiling five people involved in it. Though their roles vary widely, they reveal the deeper personal and social meanings of the genre’s allure. Guilty Pleasures discovers not so much a business as a global community of shared imagination, a community whose yearning for romance fiction’s Holy Grail — true love — seems to know no barrier of language or culture, nor show signs of abating any time soon.

“Guilty Pleasures is a delightful and touching discovery of the depths of human emotion in what may at first seem the cultural shallows. The success of romance novels, with due credit to the people who produce and market the books, would seem to stem from the power of the romantic ideal of true love and its pull on the human heart. In this surprising sense, romantic novels, despite their formulaic quality, may be more authentic expressions of human nature than more ostensibly “literary” tomes.”


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