Posted by: gary1799 | September 20, 2012

Melbourne Writers Group donating a basket to Florida Writers Foundation for Silent Auction

The Melbourne Writers Group is donating a basket to the Florida Writers Foundation for their Silent Auction at the Florida Writers Association Conference, The Magic of the Pen, October 19-21, 2012 .

The basket includes books by our authors, gift cards, and stationery supplies.

Thank you to the following members:

  • Shara Rendell Smock – her book, Living With Big Cats
  • Karlene Conroy & Mia Crews – their book, The Don Quixote Girls
  • Martha Powers – writing as Karla Darcy – eBooks, The Five Kisses & The Masked Heart from her Sweet Deception Regency line.
  • William C. Walker – his books, The French Teacher & Errand of Mercy
  • L. H. Davis – his eBook novella, The Emporium 
  • Arthur M. Doweyko – his book My Shorts
  • John J. White – a Barnes & Noble gift card
  • Susan Reedy – a Barnes & Noble gift card
  • Steve Richardson, Katie Zajdel, Jennifer Howell, & Gary Howell – cash donations for stationery supplies
  • Clarinda Clark – The Craft of Research by Booth, Colcomb & Williams

All books by our authors listed above are for sale on


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