Posted by: Karlene Conroy | January 2, 2013


Call for Writers/Artists: Applaud That Woman!

Get out your pencil/pen, typewriter, or digital device and let us hear what you have to say! This show will combine literary art with objects in a visual installation by curator Margaret Schnebly Hodge at the Florida Museum for Woman Artists to honor women who have influenced your personal journey. Your name and the woman you honor will be listed on our web site. This exhibit will be shown during National Black History and Diversity Month (February) and National Women’s History (March) Month.

Exhibit Dates: January 25, 2013 – March 25, 2013
Exhibit Submission Date: January 10, 2013 Delivery Date: January 14-15, 2013
Entry Fee: $10 per entry for members / $15 per entry for non-members
Eligible Applicants: Anyone age of 18 or older may participate.

How to participate? Select a living or historic woman who influenced your life and provide a creative piece on how she influenced your life in a work of up to 1,000 words Include a brief bio on the woman at the end of the initial writing, up to 250 words. (Please provide one photo of the woman if possible) Additionally, we encourage you to provide an object that belonged to that women, was created by her, or one that represents her in some way. Objects may be 2-D and 3-D. When an object is submitted, it must represent her and its relationship to her referred to within your creative narrative. It is fine if the object is symbolic and was not owned or created by her, but reminds you of her. Please be sure the objects you provide have a true and meaningful purpose in respect to the woman you write about. Essays may be submitted on a disc with an image of the object to be displayed. Essays may also be provided on paper, handwritten or digitally produced and a photo of the object provided for application. Please be sure your text is easily readable when on display.

• $10 for members and $15 non-members per entry. Up to two entries may be submitted. Artists are solely responsible
for delivery / pickup of their narratives and objects to and from the museum.
• The museum has final approval as to whether the entry is acceptable for this public show. If you have questions,
please call the museum 386-873-2976 or submit an email to
This is not a competitive show. This can be a collaborative work by several individuals.
Forward the completed entry form with your payment to FMWA, 100 N. Woodland Blvd., Suite 1, DeLand, FL 32720.
Visit us at

ENTRY FORM: Exhibit Title – Applaud that Woman!
Applicant name: _________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________
Phone: ______________Email:_____________________________________
Woman honored:__________________________________
Object provided: ___________size:______
Relationship to applicant:______________________________________________
Member: Yes ___/ No ___($10 for members and $15 non-members per entry. Up to two entries may be submitted. )
Number of entries: _____ Payment Amount Enclosed:_________________________________________

Call for Writers/Artists: Applaud That Woman!
An Installation located in the
H. Douglas and Margaret E. Lee Gallery of
the Florida Museum for Women Artists, DeLand, Florida


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