Posted by: Karlene Conroy | August 24, 2013

FWA 12th Annual Conference

October 18-20, 2013

Welcome to the 2013 FWA Conference Bookstore!

Why the Bookstore?  It’s where members and faculty can meet, promote and sell their work exclusively!  And, with our conference discounts, it’s also the least expensive place to buy an attractive 2013 FWA T-shirt.  Or ball cap.  Or lay hands on the latest FWA collection!

FWA members and faculty can now submit their registration forms (attached) to sell books at the October conference.  Please see the form for instructions on submissions.  **Book registration forms must be submitted by October 9, 2013.

Make sure your work is represented!  Send in your book registration form, and visit the bookstore early and often to meet, promote, sign books, and check out our special deals on T shirts and FWA collections!

For questions about the bookstore, please see page 6 of the conference FAQs:

Or you can email the bookstore at:

For questions about scheduling book signing times please contact Ann Suarez:


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