Karlene Conroy & Mia Crews are pleased to announce the release of their women’s fiction, Last Stop Paradise, an entertaining beach read that has it all – suspense, romance, a touch of humor and messages from beyond! Visit Paradise – where no one escapes karma!

(Previously published as The Don Quixote Girls -minor story 
changes have been made)


FWA Member Linda Meeuwenberg is pleased to announce her most recent publication – How to Pilot When We Were Raised To Be Stewardesses. Twelve authors from the Women’s Executive Council of Orlando wrote this book to share their stories. The book is $20 with all $20 going to their Scholarship Endowment Fund. Last year they awarded $31,000 to women in central Florida to assist with their education at Central Florida colleges. The book can be ordered directly from Linda and she’ll pay shipping.

Linda Meeuwenberg, R.D.H., M.A., M.A, F.A.D.I.A.

2012 Sunstar RDH Award of Distinction
President & CEO, Professional Development Association, Inc.

Seminars that Move Participants to ACTION!
231.598.1749 (mobile)
Email: lindampda@gmail.com  WEB: www.lindapda.com

Co-Author: Stepping Stones to Success, Overcoming Mediocrity, How to Pilot when we Trained to be Stewardesses





Thank you Karlene Conroy & Mia Crews for our June 2014 Program:  Overview of Style Guides. Learn more about Karlene & Mia at their websites:  www.editorofbooks.com and www.laststopparadise.com.


Thank you Holly Fox Vellekoop for presenting our May 2014 Program: Interviewing Contacts For Your Writing and How to Find Them.” See Holly’s website for more about her: www.hollyfoxvellekoop.com.


Thank you Mia Crews for presenting our April 2014 Program: Deep Point of view. Well done! 


Thank you Arthur Doweyko for presenting our March 2014 Program: Editing: Selected Tips and Quips” based on the book by Bobbie Christmas, Purge Your Prose of Problems. We all learned a lot about what to leave out of our manuscripts!


Thank you Linda Meeuwenberg for presenting “Overcoming Mediocrity – A Collection of Stories from Dynamic Women Who Have Created a Life of Significance“at our February 2014 meeting. Linda brought along her book and shared her own personal obstacles and triumphs to reaching her goals.


Thank you Lorraine Heisler for presenting our January 2014 program: “Writing Lessons From 2013” 

All present learned a lot!


Arthur Doweyko has sent the following news and is asking for support from our FWA Group:

His short story, P’sall Senji, about first contact, which received an Honorable Mention in the “L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future” contest 2012, has been included in an anthology of some science fiction greats like Anderson, Dick and HG Wells. http://www.amazon.com/Contact-Stories-World-HG-Wells/dp/1494386356/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1386701582&sr=8-1&keywords=doweyko


P’sall Senji is now entered in the “Preditors and Editors Readers Poll.” Please consider taking a moment to check it out and if motivated enough, vote for it (deadline Jan 10).

The link below will take you to the voting site. Scroll down the page to Arthur’s title, P’sall Senji, and click on the link at the right to go to his web page where you can read it for free.http://critters.org/predpoll/shortstorysf.shtml

Also, The Last, his short story about the last creature with a human brain, which was a Finalist in the 2013 RPLA, just garnered an Honorable Mention in the 2013 L Ron Hubbard contest.

Congratulations, Arthur!


Thank you Carla Norton for presenting our very interesting November program, “Confessions of a Crime Writer.” 

Carla is a novelist and bestselling true crime writer. Her recently released debut fiction, The Edge of Normal, won last year’s Royal Palm Literary Award for Best Unpublished Mystery. This year, the novel is in print across the globe and is earning starred reviews. Carla’s other books include two true accounts of notorious crimes: Disturbed Ground, which is available as an e-book, and Perfect Victim, which has remained in print for over 20 years. Perfect Victim is a true story of kidnapping and prolonged captivity. It was put on the reading list for the FBI Behavioral Sciences Unit and became a #1 New York Times bestseller. That extraordinary story also inspired Carla’s new crime fiction.


Thank you Mia Crews & Martha Powers for presenting our October program.


Thank you Mia Crews!

September 2013 Program: Co-Leader Mia presented “How to Pitch Your Book in One or Two Sentences.” Thanks for the enlightening shorthand, Mia!


Thank you Lorraine Heisler!

August 2013 Program: Lorraine presented a Power Point program on “The Moral Premise: Using Theme to Drive Your Story.” Thanks Lorraine for a great learning experience!


Thank you Karlene Conroy & Mia Crews!

July 2013 Program: Co-Leaders Karlene & Mia presented an informative Power Point program on “Self Editing Techniques & Writing Excercises. Learn more about them at: http://www.donquixotegirls.com and http://www.editorofbooks.com.


Thank you Katie Zajdel!

June 2013 Program: Katie’s Power Point presentation on Describing Character Appearance was enlightening as she shared techniques on how physical description details can “work harder” and enhance characterization in a story. Great program, Katie!


Thank you Karlene Conroy & Mia Crews!  

Karlene & Mia explored the book, Goal, Motivation & Conflict: The Building Blocks of Good Fiction by Debra Dixon using a Power Point presentation for our May 2013 Program. Both Karlene & Mia attended Dixon’s GMC workshop years ago and were happy to share information from her excellent workshop and book. For more information about Karlene & Mia see their websites:  www.donquixotegirls.com and www.editorofbooks.


Congratulations Carla Norton!

Carla Norton’s debut fiction, The Edge of Normal, is a fast-paced crime novel featuring an unusual protagonist: a 22-year-old survivor of kidnapping and captivity. Slated for international release this September, the book is already earning accolades.

Jeffery Deaver says it’s the “perfect blend of literary style, psychological insight and edge-of-the-seat thriller.”

Chevy Stevens calls it “a heart-pounding thrill ride that had me holding my breath to the end.”

The Edge of Normal won the Royal Palm Literary Award for best unpublished mystery last year. Minotaur Books snatched up the US rights, and simultaneous release is already scheduled in the UK, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Japan. Carla is now hard at work on the sequel, coming in 2014. Read more at: www.carlanorton.com.


Thank you Marshall Frank!

Guest speaker and FWA Melbourne member Marshall presented our April 2013 program:  “Writing Cops and Crime”

Marshall shared protocol, procedures and terminology from his experience on the  Metro-Dade Police Department in Miami, Florida with an eager and tell-us-more audience! See his website for more information about him and his books at: www.marshallfrank.com.


Thank you Bill Allen!

Guest speaker Bill Allen presented our March 2013 program: “10 Things My Publisher Made Me Change.” Bill gave an entertaining and humorous presentation on his publisher’s suggestions for one of his books. Knowledge and smiles were our take-away! See his website for more about him and his books: www.billallenbooks.com.


Congratulations John J. White!

John recently shared the news that Jeanie Loiacono of the Loiacono Literary Agency is representing him in the sale of his book, Prodigious Savant.  Set in 1962 Vermont, it’s a story about seventeen-year-old Gavin who survives a horrendous explosion, six hours of brain surgery, and thirty days in a coma, and awakens possessing not just one savant talent, but several, including art, music, mathematics, and memory, and all without suffering any of the usual mental disabilities associated with head trauma.

John has penned five novels and over two hundred short stories. He has had articles and stories published in several anthologies and magazines including, WordsmithThe Homestead Review, The Seven Hills Review and The Grey Sparrow Journal. His story, The Nine Hole League, is scheduled to be published in the Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine, Volume 14. He has won awards and honors from the Alabama Writers Conclave, Writers-Editors International, Maryland Writers Association, The Royal Palm Literary Awards, Professional Writers of Prescott, and Writer’s Digest.

Read more at John’s website: www.jjwhite.webs.com. 


Thank you Michael Carlson!

Michael presented our February 2013 program: “Hurting Your Characters – Get Real” – an interactive talk on the art of effectively describing characters’ injuries. We learned a lot about injuries and related pain which will help our writing greatly.


Thank you Arthur Doweyko!

Arthur represented our Florida Writers Assoc. Melbourne Group at Florida Air Academy’s annual Career Day on January 24, 2013. Arthur spoke to six separate classes that day about writing as a career, and plans to do it again next year! We’re sure the students enjoyed hearing from such a talented writer.


Member L. H. Davis just released a short story through SpireHouse Books on Amazon called Ice, Pirates, and Lace.

This follows the release of his novella,The Emporium, in August 2012, which Larry generously donated to our basket for the Florida Writers Foundation silent auction during the FWA conference.


Congratulations to our Melbourne Group winners in the Royal Palm Literary Awards!

William C. Walker won Unpublished Book of the Year with his romance, The Cold Season (A woman’s journey of discovery and redemption). This same book also won First Place in the Romance Unpublished category.

Bill also won First Place in the Historical Fiction Published category with his novel, The French Teacher (An American  woman in war-torn France). Bill generously donated a paperback copy of his book to our basket for the Florida Writers Foundation silent auction held during the FWA conference.

John J. White won Second Place in the Historical Fiction Unpublished category with his novel Nisei (A few months before his death in 1953, Hideo “Bobby” Takahashi, dictates his memoir to his lovely companion.)

John also won Second Place in the Short Story Unpublished category with A Shadow the Length of a Lifetime (A nine-year-old boy learns a harsh lesson about life while adjusting to a new home, a new school, and new friends.

Raymond Gustavson won Third Place in the Historical Fiction Unpublished category with his novel In the Hands of the Wolf (Set in Clarksville, TN, and Washington, DC, this historical novel covers the highly traumatic period February through May 1865.

Carla Norton won First Place in the Mystery Unpublished category with her novel The Edge of Normal (She made headlines when she was kidnapped at 12 and again when she was rescued at 16, but now Reeve LeClaire guards her privacy and lives alone, a damaged young woman of 22 who has a new job, a new name, and an excellent psychiatrist.)

Amber Garr won in the Short Fiction – Flash Fiction Published category – First Place with Distorted Reflections(A young girls’ struggle with self-image is captured in her reflection.) and Third Place with A Leap of Faith (A young girl misjudges the extent of her boyfriend’s commitment to forever.)


Thank you Martha Powers!

Martha did an excellent report on The 38 Most Common Fiction Writing Mistakes by Jack M. Bickham.


Thank you Barbara Walker!

Barbara did a report on On Writing by Stephen King for our FWA Melbourne September 2012 Meeting Program. She was unable to attend, but she shared her excellent notes with Karlene & Mia, who presented the program on her behalf.


Congratulations Martha Powers!

Martha, writing as Karla Darcy,  has launched her Sweet Deception Regency series. The Five Kisses and The Masked Heart are now available as eBooks at Amazon.com.  Two more books will be released in October!


Congratulations L. H. Davis!

His eBook, The Emporium, was recently published by SpireHouse. It won unublished novella in the Royal Palm Literary Awards last year.


Congratulations Rick Gangraw!

Rick’s novel, “Secrets in the Ice,” will be published by White Feather Press. It should be available on Amazon and Kindle in late September and in book stores about November.


Way to go Carla Norton!

Carla’s novel has finaled in the mystery category of the Literary Palm Awards. Stay tuned for an update in October.


FWA Melbourne August 2012 Meeting:  Thank you Jennifer Howell!

Jennifer did a report on  Characters & Viewpoint by Orson Scott Card. Excellent PowerPoint presentation!


Congratulations Arthur Doweyko!

His short story, P’sall Senji,  won an Honorable Mention in the international L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest (2012).


John J. White is a three-time winner!

His, Tour Bus, won first place in the Grey Sparrow Flash Fiction contest and will be published in the Fall issue of the Canadian based, Grey Sparrow Journal. He placed second in the 2012 Writers-Editors International Writing Competition. And his story, The Left Rear Tire, was chosen as one of Julie Compton’s top ten picks in FWA’s My Wheels anthology. Congratulations, John!


FWA Melbourne July 2012 Meeting: Thank you Lorraine Heisler!

Lorraine did a report on Beginnings, Middles & Ends by Nancy Kress. Excellent presentation.

FWA Melbourne June 2012 Meeting: Thank You Debra Jones!

Debbie did a report on Self Editing for Fiction Writers by Renni Brown & Dave King.

Debbie was unable to attend, but she shared her excellent notes with Karlene & Mia, who presented the program on her behalf. Debbie was the first in a line-up of members who will present reports on well-known and educational books about the craft of writing. Find an agenda for the rest of the books in our series on our Meetings page.


Congratulations Karlene Conroy & Mia Crews!

Their book, The Don Quixote Girls, published by Silk Oak Publishing LLC,  is now available as an eBook and paperback at Amazon.com and B&N.com.


FWA Melbourne members John White, Rick Gangraw and Laurence Davis are winners in the 2011 Royal Palm Literary Awards!

Flash Fiction (Unpublished)


Christmas Morning by John White

A child has to choose between three identical Christmas boxes. If she chooses correctly, she’ll have the best Christmas of her life.

JUVENILE FICTION – Children’s Picture Books (Published)


Beatrice and the Best Birthday Present-Ever! by John White.

When Beatrice’s Aunt Penny gets sick, Beatrice gives her the best birthday present ever.

 Mystery (Unpublished)


Secrets in the Ice by Rick Gangraw.

When bodies are found frozen in a lake, a visiting couple teams with locals to discover ghosts are a murdered family’s revenge.

Rick Gangraw lives on the east coast of Florida with his wife and kids.  He has traveled to over twenty-five different countries and almost every state in the USA.

Novella (Unpublished)


The Emporium by Laurence Davis.

After a young man is kidnapped to a planet more than two light-years from home, he discovers a world of biologically inspired robots and the family he never knew.


Karlene Conroy and Mia Crews

Karlene Conroy and Mia Crews

Workshop for Space Coast Writers Guild

Karlene Conroy and Mia Crews conducted their workshop, “Getting Your Manuscript in Shape and Out the Door” for the June 2009  meeting of the Space Coast Writers Guild.

Thanks Karlene and Mia,  for sharing your  expertise with other writers!

2009 FIT Creative Writing Institute

Melbourne FWA Writers Group Leader Martha Powers joined FIT Professors/FWA members Jason Harris and John Lavelle  as workshop presenters for FIT’s Creative Writing Institute in May.  Thanks to FIT and the workshop presenters for providing an educational week of writing and networking.

Kudos to Martha Powers . . .

Martha Powers

Martha was a guest speaker for January’s Pen Women meeting.  They loved her!

Congrats to Kathy Taromina and John White!

November 2008, Florida Writers Association 7th Annual Writer’s Conference.

Kathy Taromina won first place in the Children’s Unpublished category of the 2008 Royal Palm Literary Awards for her book Rosemary Rabbit’s Talent.   John White’s short story, The Writer, took first place in the short story, published category.   Congrats to our two FWA Melbourne group writers!

Photographs below: FWA President Dan Griffith presents Royal Palm Literary Awards to Kathy Teromina and John White during November’s FWA Melbourne meeting.


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